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Alderfer Auction

2 days Left
$4254 bids

US Stamps C13 - C15 : C13 has Crease and tape Stain, C14 has tape stain, C15 has small thins, Cat $1060

$5504 bids

With chromolithographed domed dial with parrot and stamp, text: Save Polly Stamps $2.25 Cash Premium with domed cover with Arabic numerals with orange parrot at noon and 6 and stamps at 3 and 9, alum

Alderfer Auction

2 days Left
$803 bids

US Stamps - Early Stamps, Most Heavily Hinged, HR, Few No Gum, Few Thins

Alderfer Auction2 days Left
$803 bids
$753 bids

Three Antique Wax Seal Stamps. Including multiple stamp with carved carnelian handle, single stamp with carved mother of pearl handle and single stamp with Alpacca ("nickel silver") handle. Largest (A

CA$603 bids

United States 1939-1972 Wild life lot, stamps VF */o.Description: Lot of 14 hunting permit stamps. Numbers are: RW6/o, 8/o, 9/o, 13/o, 18/o, 20/o, 24/o, 26(*), 28/, 29/o, 31/o, 32/o, 35/o, 39/o. Scott

Alderfer Auction

2 days Left
$1002 bids

US Stamps #285-#290 - M, H, NH, #285 and #286 NH, #287-#288 H, #289-#290 GD, Cat $637

CA$1302 bids

Canada 1897 short set #50/60, stamps F-VF *.Description: Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee, lot of 10 stamps, from the 1/2c to the 50c mint hinged. Unitrade 2021 catalog $1120.00.Condition report: Upon r

CA$1302 bids

Transvaal 1870-1910 collection, stamps F */o.Description: Collection on Scott album pages of 95 stamps mint & used. I noted #19/o, 21/o, 25/o, 26/o, 28/o, 31/o, 35/o, 35*, 133/34*, 135/o, 160*, 246/51

CA$802 bids

World collection 1892-1967, stamps F-VF */o.Description: Scott album containing 1280 stamps + 23 S/S mint & used from Lebanon, Martinique, Monaco, New Caledonia, New Hebrides, Rouad, st. Pierre et Miq


News about Stamps


The essence of collecting stamps is to put the puzzle pieces together. Stamps are more than tiny pieces of paper issued by post offices. They are telling stories about the history and culture of the world's different places. This extensive stamp collection entails german postage stamps, vintage U.S stamps, Chinese stamps, ration stamps, and rare high-quality stamps and collectibles from all countries. Before the appearance of postage stamps, it was difficult to send a message. In an era that the telegraph was still in its early days and the telephone was not yet invented, there was a strong need to improve communication for the sharing of ideas. It was a common practice for people to pay the letters after delivery and not in advance, making it hard to collect money from receivers who refused the mail. That’s when the idea of charging paid-postage stamps was born and soon adopted by many countries throughout the world. The first postage stamp, featuring an image of Queen Victoria, known as the Penny Black, was issued in 1840 in England. By 1850 there were almost 20 locations around the world that were issuing stamps and that's when the enthusiasm behind stamp collecting began. There