Sitting Woman Bronze StatueDianne Hunter Bronze StatueLily on the Pond Bronze Sculpture Fairy
DoneFeb 02, 2022 6:43 AM EST
Miami, FL, United States
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February 01 (2022) Bronze Online Auction

February 01 (2022) Bronze Online Auction
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Exotic Dancer Bronze Statue: A bronze dancer in movement sculpture features cold-painted and gilt decoration and a base of variegated rouge marble. Dimensions: Height 15 X Width 11 inches. Weight: 15 LBS.
0034EB: Exotic Dancer Bronze StatueEst. $900-$1,800See Sold Price
Venus Bronze Sculpture: Venus De Milo Statue. The beauty and power of Greek art and mythology are captured in these elegant figurines. Sculptures made of quality cold cast bronze. Featuring recasts of hundreds of
0041EB: Venus Bronze SculptureEst. $600-$1,200See Sold Price
Dancer Bronze Statue: A very stylish beautiful reproduction figure after D.H. Chiparus, originally created during the Art Deco Period. Dark patina face, hands, and body elements and Marble base. Dimensions: Height 16 X
0051EB: Dancer Bronze StatueEst. $900-$1,800See Sold Price
Nude Girl Bronze Statue: A stunning creation with exquisite detail cast by the traditional lost wax or hot cast method this sculpture is mounted on marble. Dimensions: Height 16 X Width 6 inches. Weight: 12 LBS.
0069EB: Nude Girl Bronze StatueEst. $700-$1,400See Sold Price
Dianne Hunter Bronze Statue: This piece is a gorgeous representation of the Greek goddess, Diana. In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the hunt, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and of the moon. Diana was
0095EB: Dianne Hunter Bronze StatueEst. $700-$1,400See Sold Price
Winged Fairy Bronze Sculpture: This beautiful Bronze figure of a fairy, The winged fairy balanced on an orb on a marble base and raising a torch in her left hand, holding a wreath in, stands 17 inches high. Featuring recasts of
0214EB: Winged Fairy Bronze SculptureEst. $600-$1,200See Sold Price
Gorgeous Bronze Statue: This Art Nouveau Style statue is a superb reproduction from the past. This gorgeous bronze piece is skillfully handcrafted with very lifelike detail and an impressive portrayal of beauty. It depicts
0224EB: Gorgeous Bronze StatueEst. $600-$1,200See Sold Price
A Nude Maiden Bronze Figure: This a beautiful, Bronze figure captivated Diderot and his contemporaries. Instead of sculpting the idealized body of a goddess, Allegrain shows a woman in all her mortal realism. The fluidity of the
0259EB: A Nude Maiden Bronze FigureEst. $900-$1,800See Sold Price
Bloodhound Dog Bronze Sculpture: The Bloodhound is a large scent hound, originally bred for hunting deer, wild boar, and, since the Middle Ages, for tracking people. This is a beautiful Bronze Sculpture cast using the Lost Wax
0305EB: Bloodhound Dog Bronze SculptureEst. $700-$1,400See Sold Price
Deer Bronze Sculpture: This old elk takes a rest from the summer day heat in a cool grassy area. He lies down and reaches his massive head around his back to scratch and itch that has been bothering him. He is old and his
0319EB: Deer Bronze SculptureEst. $500-$1,000See Sold Price
Stallion Horse Bronze Sculpture: This gorgeous bronze sculpture shows an absolutely fine specimen of a stallion standing on the cliffs of the mountain and the wind blows from behind him and pushes his mane and tail up towards his
0322EB: Stallion Horse Bronze SculptureEst. $700-$1,400See Sold Price
Descending Night Bronze Sculpture: This Bronze Sculpture will go beautifully put in any room of the house or as a gift. The quality of this refined art is rarely found in re-casted Bronzes. This Sculpture was cast using the Lost Wax
0340EB: Descending Night Bronze SculptureEst. $1,500-$3,000See Sold Price
Dog Bronze Sculpture: This flapper takes the afternoon off from debauchery to relax with her canine companion. She sits outside, her hands folded around her knee. She wears a long sleeved corseted free flowing long dress.
0386EB: Dog Bronze SculptureEst. $1,200-$2,400See Sold Price
Boy Lighting up Bronze Statue: This bronze sculpture is cast using the Lost Wax Method and mounted on a marble base. Dimensions: Height 8 X Width 3 inches. Weight: 3 LB.
0417EB: Boy Lighting up Bronze StatueEst. $500-$1,000See Sold Price
Hound Dog Hunter Bronze Sculpture: This sculpture depicts a dog, possibly a hound, with a rabbit gripped in his mouth. The hound is slim and his ribs are pronounced. His tail wraps around him as he sits. His eyes gaze up to the right,
0440EB: Hound Dog Hunter Bronze SculptureEst. $1,000-$2,000See Sold Price
Belly Dancer Bronze Figurine: Her arms are outstretched to her side as she stands on one leg and balances her carefully not to make a mistake during her performance. She has extremely long legs and arms adding to her uniqueness.
0454EB: Belly Dancer Bronze FigurineEst. $500-$1,000See Sold Price

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